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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Half Broke Horses Review...

To say I loved Half Broke Horses is an understatement. Jeanette Walls took her Grandmothers true life experiences and blended them with a little fiction and lo and behold she had a winner, at least in my eyes.
Lily was amazing- strong and so sure of herself! From leaving home at 15 to take a job 500 miles away from home and getting there on her home on marrying a total louse with zero knowledge that he was already married to someone else ( sounds like Jenny & Peter in "An Education" to marrying the solid practical as well as older and wiser Jim Smith..Lily's life was a journey with all kinds of experiences filling the blanks.
being someone who sort of rolls with the waves, Lily does not. She opens her mouth and she is sassy and spirited. I love the fact that it did not faze her when she got into trouble with the various school systems that she worked for when she was defending what she believed in! I thought that was superb!
I recommend this book to anyone young old and in between. I had heard it was similar to "Glass Castles" I did not get that impression at all!!
I hope that everyone in the Slow Readers Book Club enjoyed this book as much as I did!!

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