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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Early New Year Recap Week 1

So the first week of my New Year went pretty well! Hurrah! I've been utilizing my gorgeous Bliss journal from Papya Art..If you have not yet, I encourage everyone to check it out! The paper products are gorgeous and practical! My 2011 day planner has a wallet inside for receipts and other bits and pieces that end up in a dayplanner! I have been going to sleep earlier and I feel the difference, now if I can just get off my chocolate kick than I will really be on the right path..all in good time though and I know it will happen sooner than I can imagine. I love the idea of self care and for such a long time like most women, I put myself last on the list when really I should be first- If I take exceptional care of me than those around me will feel the effects of that blissful state of mind.
I have to also say how open my heart is and so filled with loving gratitude. I met the kindest  Blogger online, Carol of Coco Yogini. She makes the most beautiful pearl Mala beads. In addition to the spiritual aspect they are stunningly beautiful to look at and the fact that they are created with love makes them even more beautiful. I will be receiving a Mala ( in signature pink) in the mail soon and I am looking forward to practicing my yoga and meditation with them. If anyone is interested, I will connect you with Carol.
Last but certainly not least I won a Blogger Giveaway! Elisse the fabulous Creator of "Fur Elisse" hosted a blog giveaway where one wrote about their favorite blog as well as why they blog. The prize was a handcrafted tote created by Elisse as well as gorgeous hairclips by Elisse's friend, Jozen. The cool twist is that not only the entrant won, the blogger they wrote about won as well!
I hope that week 2 of my Early New Year is as fantastic as my first...Bonne Nuit Ma Cheries..

xoxo Sweet Caroline

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogiversary giveaway...

Hi Girls~

Check this out, the absolutely fabulous Elisse of Furelisse is hosting a blogiversary giveaway! I recently got to know Elisse through Melitas annual Tea Trade, when Elisse sent me the most delicious tea's in addition to other tea lovers treats all the way from Canada! Here is a link to the contest!! Good Luck!!!

xoxo Carolyn

Monday, November 1, 2010

New November!

I cannot believe it is November and that 2011 will be upon us sooner than we can imagine. 2010 has been a year. There have been many wonderful memories and new friends made and sadly way to many life lessons learned as I have had to bid final farewells to way to many people this year. The most important lesson I learned was that life is meant to be lived as fully as possible and in my case on and off the yoga mat. I am excited and exhilerated for all of the lessons 2011 will bring us! I have big plans for the new year and happily I have made the proactive decision to live them starting now not on December 31st! Some that I will share include lots and lots more yoga and towards the end of 2011 Yoga Teacher Training! As some of you know I work part time at a yoga studio and while my work week is long, the moment I unlock the door early Saturday morning I can feel the stress leave my body and my spirit becomes renewed. I want to also focus more on my writing. Perhaps write more than a random blog post and post on a regular basis. I also plan to say "No" a lot more- considering that I have the habit of saying "Yes" to pretty much everything asked of me, I think that will be a huge accomplishment.Extreme Self Care is part of this new Chapter...not only yoga, but continuing my Lunchtime Walks. As those of you who follow my Tweets know I am very diligent about making sure I take a little time in the middle of the day to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and a stretch of the legs. It definitely prepares me for the latter part of the day! Also weekend naps, Lush Bath Treats and plenty of Carolyn time. I give thanks everyday that I have a Boyfriend who understands and respects the fact that I need some me time on a regular basis. I run better with that and he gets it! I am such a lucky woman!
I wish you all a pleasant evening...

xoxo Carolyn