sea side

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ah Monday!

Today is one of those days which started out eh and just ended up fabulous for no good reason other than it was fabulous! My friend from my office and I went on our lunchtime walk and had oodles of laughs over each of our weekend adventures. I came home to a lovely package from Heather of SimpleDaisy! I ordered a fabulous pair of light beachy summer earrings which I am looking forward to wearing! Tommorow perhaps. Pondering some pretty new summery togs~ had some yummy luck now I need to narrow down what I need as opposed to what I just adore although is there really a difference?
I love light hearted Mondays! How was your Monday??

xoxo Carolyn

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It has seem so long since I last posted. Life seems to be super busy lately. I've also been enjoying the late spring/early summer  weather we have been enjoying in Dear CT! I just adore this time of year, life seems to move at a slower easier pace and nothing seems impossible. I am looking forward to latter part of this week though..Thursday night the lovely Liz of Shorely Chic and the dynamic Jen of Itty Bitty Bag are hosting a trunk show something that I am really looking forward to. Liz does beach chic and I have a couple of her treats on display at my home and perhaps will find a more at the show. Jen creates the most beautiful bags/wallets/checkbook covers and all kinds of fabulous treats~ I am excited to pick up my wonderful birthday gift a custom designed pink (any suprise there?) damask purse perfect for summer! check out their websites and and if you are in the Stamford, CT location join me for a glass of vin and delicious shopping!
Friday I am really looking forward to a long overdue visit with my dear friend, John. He invited me to join him at the Ridgefield Playhouse for a Sophie b. Hawkins concert to help out our friends in Louisiana. I cannot think of a better way to start the summer than a date with an old friend, wine, shopping and music! I am the luckiest girl!!
How are you Lovelies starting your summers off??

xoxo Carolyn