sea side

Monday, July 18, 2011

Joie de Vivre

Bon Jour~ it has been way to long since I have written..and while not so many of the changes I wanted to happen have happened yet, I tend to be impatient about some things the path to my future has been carved and I have taken the first steps to my new chapter. I've let go of some pieces of my life that no longer fit in it- interestingly enough I am not said but rather filled with so much sparkly & shimmery energy with some new fabulous facets! I've put myself in my own number one spot for once and it really feels amazing! I've spent a great deal of time housesitting in a beautiful home in the town where I work- I love that I can walk to my office in the morning after picking up a cup of tea on my way in. Its such an amazing feeling and I arrive at my office refreshed and filled with positive energy that lasts throughout the day which in turn innately guides me to eat healthier food for myself ( of course a little wine and chocolate does wonders for the soul) I've also learned to say "no" gently, kindly and firmly as I possibly can.
I sense great things for the balance of 2011 and enjoying the end of the year and ringing in 2012 with lots of goals complete and new goals to achieve...a debt free yoga teacher sounds magnificique!
Merci Beau Coup for letting me put my toes in the lake of blog writing again, I appreciate it!!

Bonne Nuit!