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Monday, August 2, 2010

Curly Girl!!

I was at work one random sunny Tuesday in late September 2007 when a Co~Worker friend of mine asked me to stop by her desk. She had been in a random little shop in Boston and saw something that reminded her of was a Curly Girl Calendar! I loved it! Although I would not be able to actually use it for a few months, I had to open it and loved everything that I saw~ from the eclectic funky fonts to the sage words of wisdom, I was hooked so much so that this past year I ordered  my wall calendar from Curly Girl! I was intrigued on who came up with such a fantastically magical and whimisical way to approach life. Wittyisms such as "I am fairly certain that given a Cape and a nice tiara, I could save the World" broach such confidence that even if you are not confident this really really passes on the energy that you honestly and truly COULD save the world!
Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting Leigh Stadley, I know we have a lot in common...from poor marks in Math class ( soo not my fave- I could have used some of the CG inspirational pencils to get me through it!!) to living in Boston and at times yearning for Paris.
Here is the passageway to Curly Girl- take a peek I know these fabulous treats will make you as happy as
they make me.

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  1. I LOVE Curly Girl cards!!! I have a stash at my parents' house in Dallas just waiting for me...