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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hadley Pollet...from Belts to Yoga!!!

As most of you know I work Saturday mornings at a local yoga studio. I also am into stylish and unique accessories. A few Saturdays ago I struck up a conversation with a stylish woman- the bag she was carrying was utterly divine! We exchanged names- and I knew hers! Hadley Pollet! Not only did I know her name, I actually own a couple of her belts! I was thrilled not only was Hadley super sweet and stylish she was also a like-minded yogi.
Hadley shared with me that morning that soon she would be launching her first yoga apparel line! I was totally excited as I adore seeing the latest and hippest yoga wear! I am of the belief it must be comfy as well as stylish! I checked out Hadley's website to see for myself! The tops are simple and elegant with the Chakra's running down the front of the top. Gorgeous cardigans again with chakras running down the back and a comfy fit perfect for going for a post-class smoothie! There is also a long cardigan in black with Chakra's which would be divine over a cami or with Hadley's yoga pants with her signature Chakra design down the side.

I am really excited as this line will be launching this coming weekend at the Yoga Wanderlust Festival. Hadley will be there at Booth 18. If you are lucky enough to attend Wanderlust stop by and say hello to her!


  1. This is just a sample of Hadley's fantastic new line!

  2. What a cool little brush with fame! : ) Thanks for introducing me to her designs - I'd never heard of her before but her pieces are fabulous! I love the chakra cardigans & scarves!!

  3. Michele, her stuff is so much fun and Hadley is just so adorable and totally down to earth!

  4. wow, that is some really awesome stuff. lucky you for becoming friends with her ;) hugs!!

  5. Caroline - Many, many thanks for writing about us. Grateful and honored to have connected with you. Hope to see you soon! - Hadley

  6. @ Melita- You would love Hadley. Such a Zen Yogi following her bliss.

    @ Hadley You are very welcome. It is my pleasure to write about such a fantastic line. Hope to see you soon as well!