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Monday, July 12, 2010

E-Trunkin' Sunday...

On Sunday's in New Milford, CT there is a fabulous piece of what I call utopia, it is the Elephant Trunk Flea Market. It is one of the most fun places I can ever be oh so early on a Sunday morning..I live about an hour away and usually go with my dear friend the ever so stylish Marina. The ride entails lattes, music, laughs and conversations that range from anything from life to style tips which we frequently share with each other. We arrive, park on the lawn along with the hundreds of other cars, pay the 2.00 entrance fee and than meander..for hours! I went yesterday for the first time this season and enjoyed yet another amazing experience! We walk through the gates and start to gaze around at everything! The E-Trunk as I like to call it, also has a Farmers Market with oodles of the freshest produce available; an Italian stand with the cheeses, sausages and well as the local AM radio station "Italian House Party" all this is addition to miles and miles of style inspiration and chic stylish deals..I once bought 400 thread count, 600 twist Egyptian cotton bed linen set for 10.00 from a local company downsizing!! Yesterday I scored a zen looking Buddah for my yoga space at home and some pretty sachets made from vintage fabric and filled with French Lavender from the ever so lovely, Lana. There was a local upholstery fabric/custom design furniture shop,TigerLily that was selling the prettiest toiles and linens ever- with the ever so stylish Owner, Betsy Knapp and her daughter Samantha, they can actually be found online at
I wish that all of you would be able to enjoy a gorgeous day like I enjoyed at the Beautiful Elephants Trunk in New Milford, CT!!


  1. Looks like a fabulous venue! I'll have to go sometime when Shawn and I have a sitter. We used to do that sort of thing all the time, now it would be filled with don't touch that. lol. Thanks for sharing such a great find. My best, Jen

  2. man oh man, UTOPIA indeed! :) i wish i could have gone!!!

    (i love that your friend shares a name with my 6 yr old niece)

    what a fabulous way to spend a day xoxo

  3. I will be heading there this Sunday!!!

  4. I want that turquoise chair in the first pic!!!!

  5. I wish you ALL could come with me and experience the E-Trunk!! I did not show off and I should my fave find of the day, a really beautiful Buddha that I placed in the yoga centering space at home! I NEED to go back soon!!