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Monday, November 1, 2010

New November!

I cannot believe it is November and that 2011 will be upon us sooner than we can imagine. 2010 has been a year. There have been many wonderful memories and new friends made and sadly way to many life lessons learned as I have had to bid final farewells to way to many people this year. The most important lesson I learned was that life is meant to be lived as fully as possible and in my case on and off the yoga mat. I am excited and exhilerated for all of the lessons 2011 will bring us! I have big plans for the new year and happily I have made the proactive decision to live them starting now not on December 31st! Some that I will share include lots and lots more yoga and towards the end of 2011 Yoga Teacher Training! As some of you know I work part time at a yoga studio and while my work week is long, the moment I unlock the door early Saturday morning I can feel the stress leave my body and my spirit becomes renewed. I want to also focus more on my writing. Perhaps write more than a random blog post and post on a regular basis. I also plan to say "No" a lot more- considering that I have the habit of saying "Yes" to pretty much everything asked of me, I think that will be a huge accomplishment.Extreme Self Care is part of this new Chapter...not only yoga, but continuing my Lunchtime Walks. As those of you who follow my Tweets know I am very diligent about making sure I take a little time in the middle of the day to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and a stretch of the legs. It definitely prepares me for the latter part of the day! Also weekend naps, Lush Bath Treats and plenty of Carolyn time. I give thanks everyday that I have a Boyfriend who understands and respects the fact that I need some me time on a regular basis. I run better with that and he gets it! I am such a lucky woman!
I wish you all a pleasant evening...

xoxo Carolyn


  1. yay for yoga teacher training!! one day i hope to take your class! 2010 has been quite a great year indeed for both of us! hugs!!

  2. Yes, I definitely agree that you start the new year when it's right for you, and not when the calendar tells us to! Looks like you've got a great self-care plan in place!

  3. Merci Melita & Elissa for your kind words, I am pretty excited!! xoxo

  4. Lush bath bombs are the most wonderful things in the world--I may use one tonight (I still have a couple left over from my birthday in August) . . . my favorite are the sparkly bubble baths (they come in pink and gold!)--so soothing and I LOVE lots of bubbles. Happy to read this post; I feel similarly about renewal! Following you now :)

  5. Hi Claire! I am glad that I now have met another fabulous like-minded spirit! I am following you too! I love Lush and was happy that my holiday catalog came last night..I am obsessed with the pink sparkle bath bomb which sadly they do not make anymore! I did however find oodles of treats that will be sure to brighten my world! Enjoy a sparkly day!