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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time to Breathe

Wow! Finally some room to breathe! The last month has been a whirlwind of lots of life changing experiences- although none of them directly pertained to me, I have been spending a lot of time helping out a friend. Finally a break of Carolyn time. I am someone who thrives on routine. I like to go to sleep and wake up the same time, do my household tasks in a specific way..I think although I am not entirely a Type-A personality I definitely have some of the characteristics. Currently my routine is completely haywire! I've been staying with my friend who's husband heartbreakingly passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly last month. As much as my routine is haywire for a temporary time, her life and the lives of their 2 gorgeous sons has changed forever. A reminder to me to remember to be flexible and not so routine-driven. Like anything else everything in moderation. I've been spending more time at the yoga studio lately and had a fantastic class the other day! For the first time in a very long time I did a handstand! I have to say I enjoyed seeing life from that perspective! Being in class is a reminder of exactly how important my yoga practice is to me. My Beau often tells me, I am me but happier and more balanced after yoga class.

I will be housesitting next week in a beautiful home a 10 minute WALK from my office. Can you say blissful. I will have abundant Carolyn time to write in my journal ~I just treated myself to an absolutely beautiful Papya Art Journal and am looking forward to simply just lettting my heart and soul out! I participated in Melita's from Gussying up The Tuttle Tea Trade and have some beautiful teas from Elisse from FurElisse to savor and enjoy.

Savor the moments in your life...Namaste

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  1. Yay so glad you have some happy Carolyn time. It's so vital. I thrive on routines too, and I haven't had one in quite some time. I'm eager to get that back once I start working again.