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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Flag..

It all started around the Holidays. The ever so lovely, Micaela, of "Dolce Vota" wrote a blog post about her beloved brother, Marco who would soon be deployed. She wrote on how sad she would be without having Marco around to celebrate the holidays with  friends and family. Micaela graciously asked her blogger friends if they would mind sending Marco holiday cards. I thought that this was a fantastic idea, and popped a card in the mail. As we rang in 2010 Marco's Birthday was approaching and Micaela graciously asked again if we would send a card to help Marco celebrate his Birthday. I thought this was a fantastic idea and sent a card off..
Imagine my suprise when last Friday I arrived home from work to a package from Marco! Inside this package was a US Flag that had been flown over US airspace! Along with the flag, there was a certificate letting me know the specifics of when the flag had been flown as well as a photograph of Marco and his crew. I was so very touched by Marco's thoughtfulness. Currently I rent and decided that I will pass the flag onto my 5 year old Nephew, Miller so that he may fly it over his house.
Thank you Marco for your thoughtful gesture and Thank you Micaela for the reminder that no matter what your political views, there are so many men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting so that we may have the freedom that we enjoy.


  1. sweet carolyn, it means soooo much to me that you wrote him both times. Thank-you for this darling post. It means a lot to me and obviously my brother who told me he would send thank-you's but i had no idea to this momentum. Your letters obviously meant a lot and i don't even have the words to thank you enough. I'm SOOOO GLAD to know you!

    ps. yesterday we were having beautiful 80 degree weather, so i sat in a chair out in our back porch deck and finished "The Glass Castle." It was every bit as good as you said it was. THANK YOU for sending it my way. I loved it!!!

  2. Where are you?

    Stop my blog. I left you a little something there.