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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day and the New Year

It feels like forever since I wrote my last post- between Thanksgiving, The Holidays and  life in general seemed to move rapidly~something that I am not fond of. I prefer savoring life, enjoying every single moment that I possibly can.

Thankfully shortly a couple of days after New Years I began a 3.5 week house-sitting situation for my oldest and closest friends Mom. The fact that I can walk to both my day job, Yoga Studio as well as the charming town filled with oodles of adorable and unique shops is quite refreshing. I also get to spend quality quiet time with my Honey which is wonderful, especially now since he is busy working on 2010 end of year audits and for the next few weeks our time will be quality over quantity. I have been utilizing the down time while my Honey is working, writing in my journal, napping, meditating with my new pink pearl Mala beads sending many hugs and a Merci Beau Coup to Carol at CocoYogini for such a thoughtful and generous gift, perfect to start my year off.

I also made some serious and fabulous decisions for my future, some I am not quite ready to share just yet. For today though I am luxuriating in the fact that my office was closed due to the blizzard that covered Connecticut in snow last night, enjoying in a very rare bed day  spending it reading, I am very  excited that the Yoga Studio I work for on Saturday mornings is going to have a Book Club for all the Lovelies that work there! Phone dates with dear friends and soon a yummy indulgent dinner and a date with my journal.. I wish you all a lovely peace filled evening. 

xoxo Carolyn


  1. I cannot WAIT for our date!!!!!

  2. Hello! Happy New Year! Whenever I see a new post from you on my blog reader, a huge smile envelopes my face! Happy day to you!

  3. Carolyn, I am looking forward to our date as well I am sad that I need to reschedule this Saturday! Soon though..

    Elisse, you are such a bright spot in my day. I am hopeful that there will be many many more blog posts this year!
    Big Hugs to both of you!! Carolyn

  4. so excited to hear what decisions you have made - can't wait!! :) big hugs to you sweets!