sea side

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


After a long cold and snowy winter spring is here. Seeing the flowers in bloom makes me happy and to me feels like a gorgeous new beginning. On Sunday which was a beautiful sunny day- Dave and I decided to walk to pick up breakfast and just enjoyed the happy feeling of the sun hitting our faces. After a very long week- my oldest and dearest friends Dad had passed away the week before, it was exactly what I needed- a day to just walk and enjoy a quiet day with my boyfriend. I've decided to take a cue from the very wise Analiese Marie and make this week a quiet extreme self care week..oodles of naps, journalizing, perhaps a well deserved manicure and a quiet girls night in. What do you do when you enjoy an extreme self care week??

xoxo Carolyn


  1. I exactly the same as you....except I throw in lots of wine and dark chocolate:)

  2. I agree completely with the wine and dark chocolate!