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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Magic...

The last few days for me have been very trying. Between work which is suddenly super busy and preparing for Christmas which this year is very challenging due to steep paycuts earlier in the year I have been trying to come up with ideas which will fufill my need for a beautiful holiday season in a very budget concious way. To that note, I just wrote "Santa" letters to my Niece, Gabby Nephew, Miller and to my little buddy, Nick ( a dear friends son) I also drew the Owner of my Companies name for Secret Santa and decided to donate a selection of toys, books, and games in his name to Toys for Tots.
I feel way more relaxed now..Thanks for letting me share. xo

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  1. nothing wrong with budget conscious gift giving. i am planning on giving my parents and best friend a massage since i got my massage table :) hope you have a fantastic christmas. hugs!!