sea side

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Take a step back and breathe

I have been feeling really out of balance lately. I can feel it in my muscles, my lack of yoga practice and sleeplessness. Work has taken over a little more of my energy lately- much more than it should. There have been alot of not well received changes and as an empath I take them all in. There is negative MoJo is rampid in the office. I am thankful that a dear Friend has come back to work and I am hopeful that we can help each other remain positive. I am also going to a family wedding next week in hopefully sunny Florida and plan on sleeping in, lots of beach walks, yoga and visits with a couple of girlfriends that live there. I am hoping that this get away helps bring back some of the much needed balance in my life..

xoxo Carolyn


  1. i really hope you find the balance you need. perfect photo for this post by the way ;) i am a bit of an empath myself but through my reiki practice i learned not to take the energy. it has been really helpful. a trip to florida with beaches, yoga and general downtime sounds fantastic (take me lol). :)

  2. Your plans for Florida sound amazing...wish I had some beach time :)